Rosa Marticorena

RN Rosa Marticorena

Nephrology Dept, St Michaels Hospital and William Osler Health System, Toronto, Canada.


Rosa Myrna Marticorena RN BScN C Neph (C) DCE In Nursing since 1979, Nephrology Nurse / Hemodialysis since 1983 (Peru), Hemodialysis Nurse in Canada since 1989.

Clinical Research Coordinator in Nephrology for 14 years , currently working at St. Michael's Hospital and William Osler Health System under the Supervision of Dr. Sandra Donnelly (Corporate Chief of Medicine, Nephrologist and Scientist at the Li Ka Shing Institute of knowledge)

Bachelor of Nursing in Peru, Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology at UofT and currently a Full time Graduate student at the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto.


Current research: Use of imaging to improve cannulation practice in hemodialysis vascular access and comparison of 2 needle devices in the development of neointimal hyperplasia and stenotic areas in hemodialysis vascular accesses

I am teaching in
Ultrasound guided dialysis vascular access cannulation

Teleconference lesson for dialysis nurses

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