dedicated teachers

The heart of Handsonecho is a team of local course organizers who represent multiple disciplines and specialties in medecine. This team carefully selects and invites (inter)nationally renown teachers to share their expertise with you.


The Handsonecho team organizes the courses with a focus on good food, company and very interesting training sessions.
Harald Peeters

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Prof Dr Harald Peeters

Gastroenterology Dept, AZ Sint- Lucas Gent.

Dieter De Clerck

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Dr Dieter De Clerck

Nephrology Dept, UZ Brussel, Jette.

Karen Vanhaute

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Dr Karen Vanhaute

Nephrology Dept, AZ St Elisabeth, Zottegem. .

Frederik de Clerck

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Dr Frederik de Clerck

Gastroenterology Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas Gent.

Ercan Cesmeli

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Dr Ercan Cesmeli

Gastroenterology Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent.

Valerie Neirynck

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Dr Valerie Neirynck

Nephrology Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent.

Simon van Hooland

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Dr Simon van Hooland

Nephrology Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent. Founder of Handsonecho

Cathelijne Lyphout

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Dr Cathelijne Lyphout

Emergency Dept, UZ Gent, Gent.

David Van Grembergen

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Dr David Van Grembergen

Emergency Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent.

Roel De Smet

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DR Roel De Smet

Emergency Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas Ghent. .

Catheline Depuydt

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Dr Catheline Depuydt

Emergency Dept., AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent.

Evert Verhoeven

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Dr Evert Verhoeven

Emergency Dept, UZ Brussel.

Frauke Gorré

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Dr Frauke Gorré

Cardiology Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent .

Cedric Coucke

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Dr Cedric Coucke

Vascular Surgery Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent.

Inge Dierickx

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Dr Inge Dierickx

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent.

Bart Bronselaer

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Dr Bart Bronselaer

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent .

Stig Walravens

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Dr Stig Walravens

Emergency Department , UZ Gent .

Timothy Versyck

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MD Timothy Versyck

Emergency department , UZ Gent. .