Simon van Hooland

Dr Simon van Hooland

Nephrology Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent. Founder of Handsonecho


Simon van Hooland qualified as MD in 2001 at the Catholic University of Leuven. During his Internal Medicine studies, he gained 1 year of ICU experience in Australia, Darwin, NT (2003-2004).In 2005 he started his Nephrology training in UZ Brussel, where he graduated in 2007 as an Internist-Nephrologist. He was active in the Nephrology staff over there as a renal consultant until the end of 2008. Since 2009 he’s working as a nephrologist in AZ St Lucas, Ghent.


He is a general nephrologist with the following areas of interest:

  • Dialysis vascular acces
  • Medical kidney stone prevention (co-founder of the stone clinic in AZ St Lucas, Ghent)
  • Medical ultrasound and teaching in the field of Ultrasound for the Nephrologist. He is the founder of Handsonecho, a Belgian practical ultrasound teaching platform ( where he coordinates ultrasound courses with (inter)national ultrasound experts in a variety of clinical specialties.


He is currently a board member of the NBVN (the Dutch speaking Belgian Nephrology Association).

He lives in the Ghent area.

In his spare time he likes sports, music, songwriting and vintage guitars. His latest guitar project :

I am teaching in
Renal Ultrasound & Doppler renal arteries

Scan the kidney and its vessels

Duplex Ultrasound in Dialysis Vascular Access

Course in French, preferably for nephrologists/specialized nurses

4th International Fluid Academy Days, CACU course

Organised by iFA:

Renal & Abdominal ultrasound lesson

Start-to-scan program: Module 4

Abdominal Echo-Anatomy Course

A Systematic Approach of Abdominal Ultrasound !

Workshop Abdominal Ultrasound

A systematic approach of abdominal ultrasound !

Basics of ultrasound (B Mode and Doppler)

Start-to-scan program: Module 1

e-FAST exam and vascular access

Start-to-scan program: Module 2

The 10th conference of the Vascular Acces Society

VA Ultrasound Course

Cardiac and aortic ultrasound

Start-to scan program: module 3

Abdominal Ultrasound Program : Module 1

Focus on normal findings

Abdominal Ultrasound Program: Module 2

Focus on pathological findings

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