Simon van Hooland

Dr Simon van Hooland

Nephrology Dept, AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent. Founder of Handsonecho


Simon van Hooland qualified as MD in 2001 at the Catholic University of Leuven. During his Internal Medicine studies, he gained 1 year of ICU experience in Australia, Darwin, NT (2003-2004).In 2005 he started his Nephrology training in UZ Brussel, where he graduated in 2007 as an Internist-Nephrologist. He was active in the Nephrology staff over there as a renal consultant until the end of 2008. Since 2009 he’s working as a nephrologist in AZ St Lucas, Ghent.


He is a general nephrologist with the following areas of interest:

  • Dialysis vascular acces
  • Medical kidney stone prevention (co-founder of the stone clinic in AZ St Lucas, Ghent)
  • Medical ultrasound and teaching in the field of Ultrasound for the Nephrologist. He is the founder of Handsonecho, a Belgian practical ultrasound teaching platform ( where he coordinates ultrasound courses with (inter)national ultrasound experts in a variety of clinical specialties.

He lives in the Ghent area.

In his spare time he likes sports, music, songwriting and vintage guitars. His latest guitar project :

I am teaching in
Renal Ultrasound & Doppler renal arteries

Scan the kidney and its vessels

Duplex Ultrasound in Dialysis Vascular Access

Course in French, preferably for nephrologists/specialized nurses

4th International Fluid Academy Days, CACU course

Organised by iFA:

Renal & Abdominal ultrasound lesson

Start-to-scan program: Module 4

Abdominal Echo-Anatomy Course

A Systematic Approach of Abdominal Ultrasound !

Workshop Abdominal Ultrasound

A systematic approach of abdominal ultrasound !

Basics of ultrasound (B Mode and Doppler)

Start-to-scan program: Module 1

e-FAST exam and vascular access

Start-to-scan program: Module 2

The 10th conference of the Vascular Acces Society

VA Ultrasound Course

Cardiac and aortic ultrasound

Start-to scan program: module 3

Abdominal Ultrasound Program : Module 1

Focus: normal abdominal anatomy

Abdominal Ultrasound Program: Module 2

Focus: abdominal pathology

Point of Care Ultrasound voor de Nefroloog

Full day course 

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