Catheline Depuydt

Dr Catheline Depuydt

Emergency Dept., AZ Sint-Lucas, Gent.


Catheline Depuydt qualified as an M.D. in 2008 at the University of Ghent. Afterwards she completed a 6 year emergency medicine training in AZ Damiaan Oostende, University Hospital Ghent and finally in St Mary’s London, UK, where she was trained extensively in trauma care and the use of (e)FAST-ultrasound in the ED as part of the primary evaluation of the trauma patient.


During her training Catheline also developed a special interest in hospital management and obtained an Executive MBA in 2013 at the Vlerick Business School.


In 2015 Catheline returned from the UK and in September, she joined the team of emergency physicians at AZ Sint Lucas Ghent.


She is also doing research on the topic of resuscitation by children.

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